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Chime for a Change, published in 2002,explores a very simple and very powerful concept: using the chime function of a digital watch as a mechanism for self change. The introduction describes the basic concept, the history of the idea and an overview of the spiritual concept of mindfulness which is at the core of the book. Keep checking here for information about date of publication and publisher.

Introduction from Chime for a Change
   Here is a power tool so simple you will wonder that it is not already a part of your life. This idea is so simple that any individual old enough to tell time or any group, from a circle of friends to a large corporation or political organization can use it as a fulcrum with which to leverage self-prescribed change.

   We know, all of us, that repetition is a key to learning and to retaining new behavior. We learn the alphabet by rote, we train our dogs(and attempt to train our children) by repeating the .....

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